The year is 1958 and FG spins Reaching For The Moon by the lovely and timeless American Jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald.  Reaching for the Moon is a popular song written by Irving Berlin for the 1930 musical film of the same name.

Fitzgerald’s rendition of the song is from her  Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Irving Berlin Songbook, a 1958 studio album with a studio orchestra.  The album was  conducted and arranged by Paul Weston, focusing on the songs of Irving Berlin.

At the inaugural Grammy Awards, the album was nominated for the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Fitzgerald won the Grammy Award for Best Vocal Performance, Female for her performance on this album.

Sit back, relax and imagine.  You will be left with no choice as Fitzgerald’s voice is simply enchanting.  The arrangement that shadows her voice will make you feel like you’re flying.

-Gent My Kind of Girl - Count Basie & Frank Sinatra
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