The year is 1962 and Gent spins a hit that propelled the music careers of two icons, Count Basie and Frank Sinatra, even higher into the stratosphere.

My Kind of Girl is the outcome of a long-awaited first collaboration between Basie and Sinatra. The connection between the two icons initiated a period in the 60s where Basie’s band became more popular than ever, even during the height of the Big Band era.  For Sinatra, the collaboration with Basie loosened his musical reigns, contributing to the most rhythmically free singing of his career.

Listen closely to the song and observe how Sinatra paces himself against the sounds of the instruments, particularly the drums of Sonny Payne.  As the song progresses, Sinatra rises to the melodic occasion, coaxing Payne to drum harder.  This was deliberate, as it was exactly the way to interact with the Basie sound machine.  At the height of the song, Sinatra and Basie’s band intertwine, fluidly conveying the message and feeling about a special girl.


New York International Auto Show 2013 - Reaching For The Moon - Ella Fitzgerald
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